Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Rolling Right Along - Colored Pencil - Crayon Roll

My youngest girls received crayon rolls from a friend last year for Christmas. I had never seen one before, but I loved it. I have seen a few now out in the crafting world and I decided to make some for the kids for Christmas gifts. After a few tries doing different things I have made my own creation pulling ideas from here and there.

This tutorial is going to be for a roll that holds Colored Pencils or skinny markers. This will also work for crochet hooks or makeup brushes. It's really too tall for crayons. This one is for an older child/pre-teen. A crayon roll would be shorter. I will post a tutorial for that later.

I really appreciate a lot of pictures when I'm trying to follow a tutorial, so I've tried to make this as detailed as possible.


1 cut fabric 16x20
1 cut fabric 8x20
1 cut grosgrain ribbon 30 to 32 inches long
matching thread

~ Cut two pieces of fabric one 18 x 20" for the main roll and the other 8 x 20" for the pencil slots ~

~ Fold each piece in half lengthwise and press ~

~ Take the smaller piece and mark the places to divide the pencil slots. The raw open edge should be down. I marked 3/8" from the end to allow for  the seam ~

~ Using a fabric pencil or pins mark the lines 1" apart.  I made 16 1" slots and left a large 3" slot at the end for a larger item. And again mark a 3/8" for the seam ~ 

~ Open up the larger piece of fabric and pin the smaller piece to the bottom ~  

~ Sew along all of your marked lines to form the slots for your pencils. Don't sew the seam marks on the edges ~ 

~ Fold the large piece in half - right sides together and pin ~

~ Oh, I almost forgot! Be sure to get your sewing cat helper in place ~

 ~ Then sew along the 3 open edges 1/4" seams leaving 2" to 3" at the top side edge to allow for turning ~

~ Trim your corners ~

~ Turn right side out and press. You can carefully use your seam ripper to pull the corners so they are nice and flat and pointy ~

~ Fold in the edges of the opening so it's even with the sewn edge ~

~ Grab your cut ribbon and fold in half, press a crease. Place it in the opening right above the pencil slots about an inch in and pin in place ~

~ Fold the ribbon over and pin so that it doesn't get caught in the top stitching. Top stitch along all 4 sides staying close to the edge. Stop when you get to the ribbon. Un-pin the ribbon and fold it back over ~ 

~ Sew the opening closed and securing the ribbon inside the roll ~

Yes, you aren't going crazy, it was a white ribbon before. My daughter came up to me as I was sewing the seam closed and said "That would have been so pretty with a red ribbon" Since this is her birthday present (she doesn't know that). I took the white ribbon out and put in a red one. She was right, it's way cuter with red ribbon.  

~ Sew along the ribbon inside the roll to enforce it. See below ~

~ And...Voila... You're finished! ~

~ This is going to hold colored twist pencils or sketching pencils but I used Crayola markers for this picture ~


I wanted to do more than just the pencil roll. I searched for an easy tote bag to make, so that she can take along a sketch book and her pencil roll easily. I came across a super easy tutorial for a nice reversible tote bag. The tutorial is here on Skip to My Lou. I didn't follow it exactly. I used it as a base and made my own creation. My straps are much thicker, and they're patchwork using all the fabrics in the tote and the pencil roll. Also, I added a pocket and each of the sides inside and out are a different color fabric. It really turned out nice and goes so well with the pencil roll.

I am also making a roll an tote for my other daughter who shares the same birthday. They are twins. I will post pictures of that one once I finish it. They don't know these are for them, so I'm having them help design them to their liking. Sneaky Mama, I know.

Please leave a comment and let me know if the tutorial was easy to follow or if I need some improvements. Also, if you make one, I'd love to see it so be sure to link it to me. I would love to be linked to your craft blog also so feel free to share my pencil roll.

~ Have a blessed day ~


  1. Your tutorial was very easy to understand. The finished product looks very neat and pretty. :)
    Visiting from Raising Homemakers linky.

  2. So cute. I have been trying to think of things my children & nieces would really use and I think I'll try to make this. Thanks a bunch!!!